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Horizons CD

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Jesse Roper returns with Horizons, his third album and first full-length release in over four years.  Previously, Roper’s sound was still searching for a quality that he’d yet to fully realize, but has since discovered through melding a vast pool of influences unlike ever before; from 70s Motown, Soul and acoustic rock, to funk-laden blues.

Working closely with famed, Juno-nominated producer Gus van Go (Metric, The Stills, Arkells, The Trews, Sam Roberts), on this new collection of songs has pushed Roper into creating some of his best work.

Compact Disc Track listing:

  1. Two Wolves
  2. Hold On Me
  3. Does Anybody Know
  4. Right Now
  5. Horizons
  6. Body Language
  7. Peace Flag
  8. Another Day Down
  9. Brightside
  10. Yomalady
  11. Cool Whips
  12. Hooks
  13. Who My Little Lady